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Fifth toe or phalanges  +
Medial aspect of base of 1st phalanx of hallux  +
Linea aspera on middle one-third of shaft of femur  +
fibular head, crural fascia and lateral tibial condyle (common short and long head tendon)  +
Common insertion point of the central tendon  +
Trochanteric fossa on medial surface of greater trochanter  +
Middle phalanges of toe 2-5  +
<ul><li>Superior Gemellus: Upper edge of Obturator internus muscle tendon (indirectly greater trochanter)</li><li>Inferior Gemellus: Lower edge of Obturator internus muscle tendon (indirectly greater trochanter)</li></ul>  +
Greater trochanter of the femur and iliotibial tract  +
Greater trochanter of the femur. Three points of insertion: tendinous portion of the aponeurosis inserts onto the superolateral facet, the remainder inserts along an anteroinferior oblique line on the lateral facet.  +
Greater trochanter of the femur  +
tibia (pes anserinus)  +
Base of the lesser trochanter of femur  +
Lesser trochanter of femur  +
Middle part of medial aspect of greater trochanter of femur  +
Intertubercular sulcus of humerus  +
Anterior part of medial aspect of greater trochanter of femur  +
Middle surface of lesser trochanter of femur  +
Passes behind the inguinal ligament to insert into the iliopubic eminence  +
Intertrochanteric crest  +
Inferior border of 12th rib and L1-L5  +
Tendons of [[Flexor Digitorum Longus]]  +
Tibial tuberosity  +
Xiphoid process, costal cartilages of ribs 5-7  +
Medial condyle of the tibia - superficial [[Pes Anserinus]]  +
Infraglenoid tubercle of the posterior medial tibial condyle, posterior joint capsule (contributing to the oblique popliteal ligament), popliteal fascia and posterior horn of medial meniscus  +
As part of the pes anserine tendon, onto the medial superior tibia  +
[[Iliotibial Band|Iliotibial tract]] (via greater trochanter)  +