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Server Upgrade

2022-03-15 has migrated to a new much more powerful server. I hired a developer to help with this (Anton Krom). Along with the upgrade has come several new features:

  • Much faster (Sub 1 second load, previous 2 seconds) due to several improvements.
  • More bandwidth
  • Much more storage and much cheaper to add storage if needed in the future ($2/m/10GB, previous $10/m/10GB)
  • Full proper search function (Elastic search)
  • More powerful referencing software (e.g. can generate citation with DOI/PMID).
  • Better discussion boards
  • Mail server (allowing for example the user to reset their own password)
  • Installation of a powerful add on called Semantic MediaWiki which will allow for more features in the future.
  • Many server side improvement to make systems administration easier using Anton's expertise.
  • And much more...
The next stage of development:
  • Utilising the features of Semantic MediaWiki and PageForms to create a data rich website.
  • Installation of a DICOM radiology image viewer to enhance the case histories section. Anton will be helping with this. A DICOM privacy policy and upload procedure will also be developed.

Jeremy Steinberg (talk)