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Welcome to WikiMSK!

This wiki is primarily for Musculoskeletal Medicine training in New Zealand, and was launched in June 2020. We have 109 pages, and 366 files..

Articles are organised into categories, which in turn are organised into the following portals. The cases and EBQ sections are in fledgling states right now.


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Note:login required first for training portal

See the brief for further information about the website. Click on a body region on the skeleton to get started.

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You are eligible for an account if you are a Musculoskeletal Medicine registrar, fellow, or other NZAMM member (e.g. GP or other specialist NZAMM member). Please contact Jeremy if you are eligible and would like an account. Most articles are open access for viewing, but editing and creating is restricted to account holders. The training portal is restricted to registrars and fellows which has information related to training and exam preparation.

See the User Guide for help, or just give it a go and create a new article, it is very easy to tidy things up later.

I am looking for someone to be Deputy Editor, please let me know if you are interested. The role is flexible.

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...and if they wish to learn medicine, I will teach them without pay or commitment

— Hippocratic Oath, 4th century BC