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This wiki is dedicated to Musculoskeletal Medicine, and is based in New Zealand. It was founded by Jeremy Steinberg in 2020. It is affiliated with the New Zealand College of Musculoskeletal Medicine, and is primarily for fellows, registrars, and members of the Association, as well as General Practitioners in New Zealand. The aim is to provide an easily accessible central location for information as it relates to the practice and study of Musculoskeletal Medicine in New Zealand and Australia.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
WikiMSK aims to produce a free, accurate, readable, reliable, accessible, and up-to-date repository of knowledge for the practice of Musculoskeletal Medicine in New Zealand.


Contact: Contact form or email Wiki email info.png if you'd like an account (must be an NZCMM member) or if you have feedback.


  • Gideon Steinberg (Software Developer)
  • Anton Krom (MediaWiki expert)
  • Gareth Fletcher (IT Architect)
  • The MediaWiki community