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Traffic Monitoring

Google analytics is used to monitor traffic and predict future resourcing requirements.

Patient Information

No identifiable patient information should be uploaded, following the relevant NZ medical council policies. Direct publication of patient information is not allowed. Unidentifiable imaging, such an unlabeled xray, is allowed if it can not reasonably be able to be linked back to a certain person. Case histories are allowed but all identifiable information must be removed as is expected of any medical publication. If in doubt do not publish the information.

User Accounts

  • Editing users’ identity and credentials - All applicants are verified as being eligible (members of NZCMM) by the lead editor. The NZCMM has a detailed vetting process for membership which requires relevant credentials. It is up to the user whether they want to publicly display their full name and details in their user pages.
  • Peer reviewers identity and credentials - All peer reviewers are required to disclose their full name
  • Editing users’ conflicts of interest - Conflict of interest statements are mandatory on the user pages of the Lead and Deputy editors, and encouraged for all other editing users.
  • Administrators’ identity - Public disclosure of identity is mandatory for the Lead and Deputy Editors.

IP addresses and email addresses of users are not shared or distributed.