Congenital Vertebral Body Anomalies

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Classification of Vertebral Body Anomalies
Congenital Acquired
A. Asomia (Agenesis) A. Abnormal Size
  1. Small vertebral body
  2. Enlarged vertebral body
B. Hemivertebra B. Border Abnormalities
  1. Anterior border scalloping
  2. Posterior border scalloping
  3. Lateral border scalloping
  4. Anterior border straightening
  5. Endplate deformities
C. Coronal Cleft C. Vertebral tongues, spurs, and beaks
D. Butterfly Vertebra (Sagittal Cleft) D. Miscellaneous Body Shapes
E. Block Vertebra (Congenital Fusion)
F. Hypoplasia