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Donations are greatly appreciated to serve the following goals.

  • Help with server running costs - as of March 2023 this is $40.50 AUD per month.
  • Help with recent and future costs of hiring of a professional developer
  • Help with costs of purchasing rights to use copyrighted images - not currently being done due to lack of funds, so we are limited to creative commons images.

Please note, WikiMSK does not accept donations or sponsorship from commercial entities such as pharmaceutical companies or device manufacturers.

WikiMSK is not a registered charity but may become one in future if there is sufficient interest with donations. The plan would be to launch the OpenMSK Foundation to support WikiMSK and any related works with the goal of providing open access musculoskeletal knowledge. Unfortunately in New Zealand the cost of of legal fees involved in registering a charity is currently prohibitive.

Alternatively you can donate to the registered charity The Musculoskeletal Medicine Foundation (TMMF) with the request that funds be used for WikiMSK. TMMF is a registered independent charity with the aim of improving education and research in the field of Musculoskeletal Medicine as well as providing better and more accessible health services for sufferers of musculoskeletal disorders in New Zealand

Donation Methods


Bank transfer

02-0110-0122201-000 Swift code BKNZNZ22


Cryptocurrency Options
  • BTC: bc1qm555ulpxf8v5vgtrcwpaf08mutyaed29fclaks
  • ETH: 0x919974F055bdfC13381cA9E950F7d86336C260C5
  • BCH: qznn7le4gp4uc3ss5lk66uqetulrgys55qzg7uc2dr
  • LTC: Lc4LfAZgP5dYfUAWYnnQMdkx9at2Nscm5b
  • ADA: addr1q958566w505ny3mvq7w6mc69ewt4e4wdmwrr9p9xtulwpnmg0f45aglfxfrkcpua4h35tjuhtn2umkuxx2z2vhe7ur8ssahlea
  • NANO: nano_1gk83badk61k9ms81ruig919hqzetf3xmk8795jn1gb9x3jbc4z8y8jas36u

Non-Financial Donation

Donation of any images and videos is greatly appreciated, email Wiki email info.png