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WikiMSK allows and welcomes ported content, i.e. documents authored by specific people or organizations, including thesis/diploma assignments, journal articles, technical briefs, project descriptions and more. This is one of the main differences between WikiMSK and Wikipedia.

We work hard on opening up content that is locked up in PDFs, powerpoints, and other formats. Having the original available in the wiki makes it more easily searchable and accessible. It is sometimes difficult to find the original page online - or it may be in a different format, and not as straightforward to compare. Having the original in the same MediaWiki format is very handy for this, and it also allows the user to browse a relevant original document while staying within WikiMSK.

Compatible Content

Creative Commons compatibility chart. Licenses compatible with WikiMSK are CC-BY and CC-BY-SA. Source

Before any content is ported, permission must be granted by the copyright holders for publishing under CC-BY-SA-4.0 (the default license used on WikiMSK) or a compatible license (see WikiMSK:Copyrights). The authors, relevant organizations and link to the original source must be clearly stated. The following template can be used for this:

Non-compatible Content

In cases where the creative commons licenses aren't compatible, please see the creative commons compatibility guidelines. The following banner can be used:

Content ported without an open license is known as an open access page, and the content should not be copied or modified without express permission from the original author. The following banners can be used.

  • {{Open access}} for copyrighted content where wikimsk has been given permission for re-distribution but not modification
  • {{Open access modified}} for copyrighted content where wikimsk has been given permission for both re-distribution and modification