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You don't need an account to view the majority of the content. However, editing and creating articles is currently restricted to account holders.


Automatic Approval

For automatic full approval for being able to help volunteer to edit or create articles you must be one of the following:

Available on Review

Outside of the above, contributions may still be possible with the following considerations:

  • You are a New Zealand or Australian vocationally registered medical doctor
  • On a case by case basis by the lead editor (e.g. existing relationship with NZCMM)
  • Written under the editorial guidance of a Musculoskeletal Medicine Specialist
  • More restricted account may be provided

Mission Statement

All writers should also agree with the mission statement of WikiMSK:

Mission Statement
WikiMSK aims to produce a free, accurate, readable, reliable, accessible, and up-to-date repository of knowledge for the practice of Musculoskeletal Medicine in New Zealand.


Contact for account requests is Wiki email.png or use the form below:

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