Cervical Retrolaminar Injection

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Cervical Retrolaminar Injection
Indication Cervical radicular pain
Needle 22g 50mm needle
Steroid 10mg dexamethasone
Local Lidocaine 0.5%
Volume 4mL

The cervical retrolaminar injection is an experimental treatment for cervical radicular pain. As a fascial plane block it is theoretically safer than epidural corticosteroid injection. The target point is the cervical retrolaminar plane - between the lamina and cervical multififus muscle. This technique may be considered safer than ESI. Injection at C6 has been shown to spread from C2-T3.[1]


Ultrasound Guided

  • Position: prone
  • 22G 50mm needle inserted in plane of the transducer.
  • Target point posterior aspect of lamina of target segment, under the cervical multififus muscle.
  • Inject 4 mL of Lidocaine 0.5% with 10 mg (1 mL) dexamethasone was injected.


See closed access article[1]


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