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Sacroiliac Joint Pain can have a variable distribution. Buttock, PSIS pain is present in 94%, lower lumbar pain in 72%, groin pain in 14%, lower extremity pain in 28%, upper lumbar in 6%, abdomen in 2%, and foot in 12%. [1]

Sacroiliac Posterior Ligament Pain

The pain pattern from sacroiliac ligaments depends on which ligamentous section is involved. Patients in this study were diagnosed with sacroiliac joint dysfunction with a fluoroscopically guided periarticular SIJ injection with a >70% relief of pain. [2] This built on their previous work.[3]

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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Pain maps from double diagnostic fluoroscopically guided intraarticular sacroiliac joint blocks, showing pain maps for responders vs non-responders. The referral pain areas were the same in both groups, but the intensity maps showed differences in pain referral at the buttock in areas overlying the SIJ (100% of the responders vs 80% of the nonresponders) and the ischial tuberosity(10% of the responders vs 100% of the nonresponders). Patients included if pain below L5 over one SIJ, with or without leg pain; several exclusion criteria.[4]

Wurff SIJ maps.png

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