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WikiMSK at two years


Two years have passed since WikiMSK was launched. We have 500-600 content articles in various states of completion. There is still only one primary content writer and so the project is still in need of help.

The 10 most popular pages are: Wrist Pain Differential Diagnoses, Slipping Rib Syndrome, Tibiotalar Joint (Talocrural Joint), Dermatomes, Hyoid Bone Syndrome, Superior Cluneal Nerve Entrapment, Ligaments of the Foot and Ankle, Interspinous Oedema, Myotomes, and Lumbar Fat Herniation

Website traffic is on the low end - about 10,000 views a month. 50% of users are from the US and Canada, 10% from the UK, and 8% from NZ and Australia.

Over the past year I've engaged with a professional Wiki developer who has assisted with various improvements to the website. The most important improvements gained over the past year directly applicable to users are: improved search, improved referencing, and improved speed. There have also been numerous improvements in the backend.

Caching is unfortunately still not working properly and further funds will be needed to fix this to enable further speed boosts. There is also a DICOM viewer now but due to some unresolved security issues it is currently only available to registered users.

Jeremy Steinberg (talk)