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This is a property of type Text.

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Flexion and abduction of the fifth toe  +
Flexion and abduction of the great toe  +
Adducts and medially rotates thigh at hip joint  +
flexes knee joint laterally rotates knee joint (when the knee is flexed) extends hip joint (long head only) external rotation of the thigh (long head only)  +
Respiratory, straining, gastro-oesophageal sphincter control.  +
Adduct and externally rotate hip.  +
Flexion of the lateral four digits  +
Externally rotates and stabilises the hip  +
External rotation and extension of the hip joint, supports the extended knee through the iliotibial tract, chief antigravity muscle in sitting and abduction of the hip  +
Abduction of the hip; preventing adduction of the hip. Medial/internal rotation and flexion of the hip (anterior fibers). Extension and Lateral/external rotation of the hip (posterior fibers)  +
Works in concert with gluteus medius: abduction of the hip; preventing adduction of the hip. Medial rotation of thigh.  +
flexes, medially rotates, and adducts the hip  +
Flexes and rotates medially thigh  +
Flexor of the hip and trunk; lateral flexor of the trunk  +
Abducts & externally rotates the extended hip and abducts the flexed thigh at the hip, and stabilises the hip during walking  +
Extension, adduction and internal rotation of the arm, aids in respiration  +
Externally rotates and stabilises the hip  +
Stabiliser and flexor of the hip, lateral flexion of the trunk.  +
Weak lumbar spine flexion  +
lateral rotation and adduction of thigh  +