Biceps Femoris

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Biceps Femoris
Muscle Type
Origin long head: medial facet of the ischial tuberosity

short head: lateral linea aspera and lateral supracondylar line of the femur and adjacent intermuscular septum

Insertion fibular head, crural fascia and lateral tibial condyle (common short and long head tendon)
Action flexes knee joint

laterally rotates knee joint (when the knee is flexed) extends hip joint (long head only) external rotation of the thigh (long head only)

Antagonists Quadriceps Femoris
Spinal innervation L5, S1, S2
Peripheral Innervation long head: Tibial Nerve, short head: Common Peroneal Nerve
Vasculature inferior gluteal artery

perforating arteries popliteal artery