Common Peroneal Nerve

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Posterior leg nerves Gray832.png
Nerves of the right lower extremity, posterior view. (Common peroneal labelled at centre right.)
Common Peroneal Nerve
Synonym Common fibular nerve
Nerve Type Mixed nerve
Origin One of the two branches of the sciatic nerve, L4-S2
Course To the lateral compartment of the leg
Major Branches Deep Peroneal Nerve, Superficial Peroneal Nerve
Motor innervation Short head of biceps femoris
Conditions Cutaneous innervation of the posterolateral leg

The common peroneal nerve, also known as the common fibular nerve, forms the lateral part of the sciatic nerve.

Lesion Effect

A high lesion results in

  • Loss of extension of toes and foot (foot drop)
  • Loss of sensation of the lateral lower leg and upper foot