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Comparison of different creative commons licenses. WikiMSK is CC-BY-SA

Please check to make sure you are allowed to upload an image or reuse text. See this video for a good explanation of the different types of creative commons licenses.

Open licensed content (images, video, books, hardware designs) may be added to WikiMSK as support to other pages, or as standalone content such as pages ported from other sources as long as they are shared with a compatible license or express permission has been given..

As there are many ways to find this content, note that these are just some tools to guide you as you search for content.

Using the Right License

You must check that the piece of content (not just the text on the page) is available, not only under an open license, but that this license is as much or more open than our standard license, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. This is a copyleft license that requires that all derivative content is shared with the same license to ensure that every contribution on WikiMSK is kept available to anyone in the future.

Images, similar to written texts, are subject to copyright. They therefore belong to someone unless they've been explicitly released by the author into the public domain. The images must be licensed for use directly by the copyright holder. Whenever possible, it is strongly preferable to use images in the public domain, licensed the GFDL, or licensed under creative commons, rather than fair use ones. However this is not always possible, as some extremely key Musculoskeletal published information and graphs are copyrighted.

There may be some legal intricacies with the server being geolocated in Sydney but designed for New Zealand users.

  • NZ copyright law is significantly behind the times - no fair use policy for use of work that is published and copyrighted in NZ.
  • Australian law - “fair dealings” provision, research or study is an exception (“promoting and facilitating education or research”)
  • American law, where most scientific literature is published has fair use provisions for copyrighted material.
  • “Probably” OK to reproduce very small portions of a copyrighted paper such as a graph or table as long as it is stated that it is copyrighted and is linked back to the original source. This is a fairly common practice.

Sources of Content

Relevant Medical Wikis

Open Access Publishers and Journals

Other Sources


Not Creative Commons

  • Orthobullets - Orthopaedic Surgery - NOT CREATIVE COMMONS
  • Physiopedia - Physiotherapy - They use a lot of creative commons content, including share-alike content which requires that they must be creative commons too, but I haven't found a page that explicitly says that they are Creative Commons. They have this page from 2013 that states they are going to adopt it in "due course", but there is nothing since then. It has become increasingly commercial in recent years and so it would be safest to not reuse any of the content due to the ambiguity.

How to Reuse Content

Reusing Text

To reuse text, click on the Attribution.png icon in the editor. It will then load a template to fill out with the required fields, with the license for radiopaedia loaded in automatically. This needs to be changed if it is a different CC license.

{{Article derivation
|license=CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Reusing Images

Upload the image using the sidebar Upload File link. Select the creative commons license, and attribute the author and put the link where you found it.

Instant Commons

You can use a feature called Instant Commons. Basically this lets you link to any wikipedia commons image without first uploading it to this site. This does seem make the page a little slower though. For example

[[File:0910 Osteoarthritis Hip A.png]]

Re-using Copyrighted Material

Please obtain permission in this case. Many publishers have online application forms to apply for re-use of images and figures. Sometimes this is free because wikimsk is not a commercial entity.

Non-relevant Medical Wikis

The content in these wikis is not relevant but as they run on mediawiki, the code can be reused.

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